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: In addition to helping small businesses, our firm has a strong emphasis in the area of estate and trust consulting, accounting and tax preparation. We serve executors, administrators and trustees to help them through the maze of tax and accounting matters of estates and trusts. We can work with your attorney or, if you don't currently have one, give you a list of attorneys that you may want to interview to assist you in this arena. Many people fail to consider that estate planning is much more than just the tax related matters. It encompasses many emotional, economic and family issues as well. With our firm emphasis on helping you to focus and grow your net worth, we believe it is important that you make the time to create your own personalized plan.

ABOUT OUR SITE: Thank you for visiting our Website. Our dedication to quality client service has brought us to the Internet as we endeavor to provide the highest quality professional service and guidance.

We've designed this Website for you as a "one-stop shop" for many of your immediate financial questions and concerns. Our Website features the following pages, developed to keep you up-to-date and informed:

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Our Firm's Philosophy is to help you focus on and grow your net worth. Whether you are starting from humble means or a sizeable nest-egg, our experience has shown us that making your financial decisions based on sound economic principles and the desire to build your net worth produces the greatest rewards.

Tax season is ALWAYS upon us. The tax season truly runs from January through October now due to the myriad of complexities built into the law over the last 30+ years. Any time of year should now motivate people to take a look at their tax and financial situations. We'd recommend this year that you complete a rough draft personal financial statement for your own use as a tool to measure year to year whether you are heading in the right direction for your financial future. Call or email us and we can forward you a simple version of a personal financial statement for your use. If you don't focus on where you want to be financially you'll wind up drifting wherever the currents may take you. It's key to focus on where you want to be and set goals to get you there. While it may be fun to get in the car and just go for a drive based on a general idea of where you're going, it's probably not the best plan to take that wayward approach towards your financial freedom.

Many new tax laws take effect this year......and more to come soon. There are numerous federal and California tax changes that take effect this year. Many of the new federal tax laws do not have California conformity. Planning is even more important in an evolving environment like we are experiencing now.  Call us to discuss any tax planning needs including proposed or pending real estate transactions, refinancing, borrowing, or investing decisions so that you can know your tax consequences AHEAD of time and have an opportunity to plan. All too often people don't make the call that could save them a great deal of money. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Utilize your CPA!

Always living in our memories...Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004).

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